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Issue 19 - March 2016

Above: The front cover of the March 2016 CAPjournal.

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(Georgia Bladon)
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The Strategy and Implementation of the Rosetta Communication Campaign
(Markus Bauer, Mark McCaughrean, Jocelyne Landeau-Constantin)
  page 05
How a Cartoon Series Helped the Public Care about Rosetta and Philae
(Claudia Mignone, Emily Baldwin, Karen S. O’Flaherty, Anne-Mareike Homfeld, Markus Bauer, Mark McCaughrean, Sebastian Marcu, Carlo Palazzari)
  page 12
  page 19
  page 21
“Hello, World!” Harnessing Social Media for the Rosetta Mission
(Emily Baldwin, Claudia Mignone, Daniel Scuka, Anne-Mareike Homfeld, Karin Ranero Celiusm Erica Rolfe, Maria Bennett, Andreas Schepers, Karen S. O’Flaherty, Markus Bauer, Mark McCaughrean)
  page 30
Using Competitions to Engage the Public: Lessons Learnt from Rosetta
(Karen S. O’Flaherty, Emily Baldwin, Claudia Mignone, Anne-Mareike Homfeld, Daniel Scuka, Andreas Schepers, Manuela Braun, Fulvia Croci, Livia Giacomini, Nathalie Journo, Markus Bauer, Mark McCaughrean)
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