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Editorial Process

On this page, you will find a complete description of our editorial process, from article submission through to publication. This process takes a minimum of four months.

STEP 1 - Article Submission

When a full article is submitted, it is immediately reviewed by the Managing Editor. Because CAPjournal only publishes twice per year, these edited articles will wait in a pool for eventual selection.

STEP 2 - Formulate Editorial Board

About three months before an issue is slated to be published, we will form the Editorial Board. Once formed, we will select 5-8 articles for publication in the issue and propose these to the Board. When creating an alignment for an issue, we consider the general topic of the article, the type of submission, and the geographical location of the corresponding author. We strive to make each issue of CAPjournal geographically diverse. When all members of the Board agree on the alignment for the issue, we can proceed to the next step.

STEP 3 - Editing and Peer-Review

Each article will be edited by the Managing Editor, reviewed by one members of the Editorial Board and peer-reviewed by at least one external reviewer. See the Peer- Review Process page on our website for more information.

STEP 4 - Author Review

After all editors have reviewed their article, the Managing Editor will compile all edits, comments, and suggestions into a single anonymous document, which is then sent to the author(s) for review. After receiving this document, the author(s) will have two weeks to make changes to the manuscript.

STEP 5 - Draft Approval

The author-revised draft will then be sent to all editors and reviewers who worked on the article for final approval. If they decide that further revisions are necessary, the article will be returned to the author(s).

STEP 6 - Prepare for Publication

After the final version of the manuscript has been approved by all reviewers, Editorial Board members, and the Editorial Staff, the article will then be sent to a designer for publication layout. This layout will be checked and approved by the author, the Editorial Board, and the Executive Editor prior to final publication.

The Editorial Staff reserves the right to reject any article or request more edits on an article that does not meet its standards for quality.

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