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Subscription Form (CAPjournal free print version)

If you want to subscribe to the online version, please click here. Once subscribed you will receive email notifications whenever a new edition is published. You can then download the files from our website. If at some point you no longer wish to receive the electronic version please go to this page and enter your email into the last box on the page. Click the 'unsubscribe or edit options' button and on the next page click 'unsubscribe'. You will receive an email with a link you must click to confirm.

If you want to receive the printed version (FREE to science communicators, libraries, journalists, educators and others working with science communication), please fill in the form below, selecting "subscribe to the CAPjournal (Printed)" and provide a valid mailing address. If at some point you no longer wish to receive a printed copy of CAPjournal, please submit the form again, this time selecting the option "unsubscribe to the CAPjournal (Printed)"