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Peer-Review Process

When an article is submitted to CAPjournal, our Editorial Staff will identify and select at least one peer reviewer within the appropriate research area to review the article content and make recommendations.

All CAPjournal articles undertake an anonymous peer-review process in which the reviewers do not know the names of the authors, and vice-versa: the authors do not know the names of the reviewers.

Reviewers are one of the most important assets of a journal; we are very grateful to our talented pool of reviewers for their qualified and irreplaceable work. Reviewers are selected from experts in the field who have an interest in being involved in the reviewing process.

Final Decision
The Editorial Staff and Editorial Board decide upon the acceptance of each paper on the basis of the general CAPjournal editorial policy and the reports from the reviewers, in accordance with the following considerations:

  • recommendations from the Editorial Board member and the peer-reviewer
    • if the Editorial Board member and the peer-reviewer produce drastically different evaluations, the Editor-in-Chief will review the case and make the final decision
  • The final decision will also take into consideration the balance of the overall publication in terms of the geographical distribution of the submissions, pertinence and timeliness of the articles (e.g., repeated or similar topics). .
  • Note: These are not exclusion criteria; authors are welcome to submit to multiple editions of the Journal.

The reviewers and Editorial Board members are invited to conclude their assessment with one of the following recommendations:

  • Accept the paper as it is: no further revisions are necessary.
  • Ask the authors for minor revisions for likely acceptance: small changes are needed, followed by one additional review to accept the article.
  • Request major revision for another review process: several issues need to be addressed, and more than one round of revisions might be necessary.
  • Reject: the article is unfit for publication.
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