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Submission Guidelines

We encourage readers to submit astronomy communication articles, papers and reviews for any of our sections (
Announcements, Reviews, Research & Applications, Resources, Best practices, Opinion, Column). We also welcome letters to the editor. If you do not have a full article ready for submission you may send an abstract for consideration and we will comment on its appropriateness for the journal. We cannot however guarantee that an abstract commented upon positively will lead to acceptance of the submitted paper.

Articles published in previous issues provide a good guide to the expected format and layout of submissions and the key points to consider are as follows:

  • Technological and esoteric language should be either avoided or used with a footnoted explanation if absolutely required.
  • We encourage including web links to further information where useful to the reader. These should be included as a single list of notes, alongside any other notes in the article, presented at the end of the article. See previous issues for examples.
  • British English and one system of punctuation (British) will be imposed and it is preferable for this to be used in your submitted paper, although we will check and change errors during the editing process.
  • Figures and tables should be referred to ‘Figure n’ and ‘Table n’ respectively.
  • Acronyms should be spelled in full once and then parenthesized, henceforth they can then be used as lettered acronyms.
  • Numerals should be used for numbers greater than two words and always for numbers greater than twenty.
  • Manuscripts should be delivered in MS Word format, with no formatting apart from bold, italics, super- and subscripts.
  • Hard carriage returns after each line should be avoided, as should double spacing between sentences and words.
  • For the sake of overview figures may be pasted inline in the Word manuscript along with the caption (Word files below 4 MB are encouraged). However, images must also be delivered individually as Tiff, PDFs, vector-files (e.g. .ai, .eps) in as high a resolution as possible (minimum 1000 pixels along the longest edge).
  • For submission under the section “Explained in 60 Seconds” please do not exceed 200 words.

Submissions must include all of the following items:

  • A summary.
  • The authors names, affiliation, email address and biography (70–100 words max. for the biography). If there are multiple authors this information is needed for each individual authors and the total for all biographies combined must not exceed 100 words.
  • Five to ten key words.
  • At least two figures which:
    • Have the necessary resolution (300 dpi).
    • Have captions.
    • Have credits.
    • Are numbered.
    • Have a proper name without special characters, spaces and capital letters (for example, author_2.tif).

This journal does not charge APCs or submission charges.

To understand what we are looking for, please refer to the peer review template.

There is no set deadline for submissions. We accept submissions throughout the year and accepted submissions are programmed in the next available issue on a first come first served basis.

Review Process
Your paper will be reviewed by the editor and working group. A selection of articles will also be reviewed externally by experts in relevant areas. For more information visit our peer review page.

Authors are solely responsible for ensuring copyright clearance to reproduce illustrations, text, etc., for which they themselves do not own the copyright. CAPjournal accepts only original submissions and will only reproduce previously published work by special arrangement. 

Articles on Astronomy Education
For activities or activity reports on astronomy education please consider the IAU's astroEDU.

Submissions and questions about the submission process should be sent to the Editor.