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Issue 15 - July 2014

Above: The front cover of the July 2014 CAPjournal.

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(Georgia Bladon)
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Reaching the Remote: Astronomy Outreach in Rural Mexico
(Alma Ruiz-Velasco, René Ortega Minakata, Juan Pablo Torres Papaqui)
page 15
  page 18
Camping Under the Stars: The ESO Astronomy Camp 2013
(Davide Cenadelli, Cristina Olivotto, Oana Sandu, Lars Lindberg Christensen)
  page 20
  page 24
The Fingerprint of the Stars: An Astronomy Lab On Spectroscopy
(Pedro Mondim, Ricardo Cardoso Reis, Filipe Pires)
  page 28
  page 31
The University of Washington Mobile Planetarium: A Do-it-yourself Guide
(Phil Rosenfield, Justin Gaily, Oliver Fraser, John Wisniewski)
  page 35

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