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ISSUE 15 - July 2014

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Here, There & Everywhere: Science through Metaphor, Near and Far (page 08)
Kim Kowal Arcand, Megan Watzke

Key Words
Metaphor, Science Communication, Physics, Astronomy


The use of metaphors in teaching and learning has a long-standing history. Metaphors can be an effective way to make something new seem less daunting by comparing it with something more familiar. This technique of equating different or disparate things can help complex concepts become more understandable and accessible. The power of the metaphor is discussed in this article, which explores a recent public science project from the Chandra X-ray Center called Here, There and Everywhere. This project attempts to utilise analogy in effective science communication, as well highlighting the dangers that come alongside the use of metaphor and analogy. The article will also look at other areas where metaphors may be usefully implemented in astronomy communication, such as for upcoming programmes, including the International Year of Light 2015.

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