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Issue 24 - October 2018

Above: The front cover of the October 2018 CAPjournal.

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(Sze-leung Cheung)
  page 03
  page 04
IAU100 Celebrations Launched at the IAU General Assembly in Vienna
(Bethany Downer, Lina Canas, Jorge Rivero Gonzalez)
  page 05
  page 07
Walking Through an Exploded Star: Rendering Supernova Remnant Cassiopeia A into Virtual Reality
(Kimberly Kowal Arcand, Elaine Jiang, Sara Price, Megan Watzke, Tom Sgouros, Peter Edmonds)
  page 17
  page 25
Videos for Astronomy Education and Outreach
(Chris Impey, Matthew Wenger, Carmen Austin, Jenny Calahan, Alexander Danehy)
  page 32
Your Night out under the Stars: Reaching beyond Native Audiences
(Francien Bossema, Joaõ Retrê, Sérgio Pereira, Pedro Russo)
  page 40

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