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Issue 18 - September 2015

Above: The front cover of the September 2015 CAPjournal.

Download the entire 18th issue as a .pdf:
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(Georgia Bladon)
  page 03
  page 04
Catching Cosmic Light with the Galileoscope
(Richard Tresch Fienberg, Douglas N. Arion)
  page 05
  page 07
  page 12
  page 16
Using Content Distribution Networks for Astronomy Outreach
(Mathias Jäger, Lars Lindberg Christensen, Mathias André)
  page 22
  page 27
Participant Perspectives on the ESO Astronomy Camp Programme
(Cristina Olivotto, Davide Cenadelli, Mohamed Gamal, Desmond Grossmann, Laura Angelica Irineo Tellez, Awnit Singh Marta, Catello Leonardo Matonti, Angèle Taillard)
  page 33
Global Astronomy Month: Astronomy around the World
(Christie McMonigal, Mike Simmons)
  page 36

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