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ISSUE 18 - September 2015

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Bariónica: Combining Photography, Philosophy and Astronomy for the ESA/Hubble Ode to Hubble Competition (page 29)
Desiré de Palacio

Art, competitions, photography, Hubble Space Telescope, philosophy, baryonic matter, cosmology, education, meaningful learning


In early 2015 the artist behind the photographic collection Bariónica entered it in video form into the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Ode to Hubble competition — a public video competition organised to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Hubble Space Telescope1. The photographic collection aims to show the connection between cosmic matter and the matter which constitutes mankind, using images and ideas from astronomy to symbolise the connection between what we are, and where we came from. On 24 April 2015, Hubble’s 25th birthday, Bariónica was announced as one of two winning videos of the contest. In this article its creator, Desiré de Palacio, tells us about the fundamental ideas that led her to create her piece, and about the experience of being one of the contest winners.