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Issue 14 - January 2014

Above: The front cover of the January 2014 CAPjournal.

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(Georgia Bladon)
page 03
IAU Commission 55: Communicating Astronomy with the Public
(Richard Tresch Fienberg, Lars Lindberg Christensen, Pedro Russo)
page 04
page 10
  page 12
page 15
Hertzsprung and Russell: The Minards of Astronomy
(Jos van den Broek, Pedro Russo)
  page 17
What Determines the Aesthetic Appeal of Astronomical Images?
(Lars Lindberg Christensen, Olivier Hainaut, Douglas Pierce-Price)
  page 20
  page 28
Astronomy in Everyday Life
(Marissa Rosenberg, Georgia Bladon, Pedro Russo, Lars Lindberg Christensen)
  page 30
  page 36

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