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Issue 30 - November 2021

Above: The front cover of the November 2021 CAPjournal.

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(Canas, L.)
  page 03
  page 04
IAU Statement on Climate Change
(Lago, M.T.; Christensen, L.L.)
  page 05
What to do in Extreme Times? An Analysis of the Astronomy Communication Actions in Brazil During the COVID-19 Pandemic
(Monfardini Penteado, E.; Oliveira do Nascimento, J.; Figueir  Spinelli, P.; Carrelli, F.; Silva do Nascimento, W.R.; Cortesi, A.; Kelly de Lima, G.)
  page 06
Virtual ALMA Tour in VRChat: A Whole New Experience
(Hiramatsu, M.; Takanashi, N.; Asagiri, S.; Kawagoe, S.K.; Amano, S.G.; Kamegai, K.)
  page 18
Astronomers for Planet Earth: Embracing Virtual Communication Induced by the COVID-19 Pandemic to Help Tackle the Climate Crisis
(Frost, A.J.; White, J.A.; Dalgleish, H.S.; Rector, T.; Agnos, J.M.; Betancourt-Martinez, J.L.; Hill, C.; Kayhan, C.; Beuchert, T.; Sankar, S.; Burtscher, L.)
  page 28
Discover the Universe: Astro at Home Series
(Bolduc-Duval, J.; Baron, F.; Mann, L.P.)
  page 33
  page 38

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