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ISSUE 27 - March 2020

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Astro Molo Mhlaba: A Sustainable Approach to Inclusivity in Astronomy (page 39)
Molaro, M.; Mashale-Sonibare, R.


One of the major difficulties facing interventions tackling inclusivity in astronomy is the extremely wide range of factors that simultaneously need addressing. Efforts to provide support at a particular phase of an individual’s academic or professional career can in fact be nullified if no support is provided at the subsequent phase. In order to tackle this, the Astro Molo Mhlaba programme, which works with girls and women in underserved communities in Cape Town, South Africa, has introduced an innovative and sustainable approach, which ensures that development can be consistently provided at all stages of an individual’s schooling and professional career. The school behind the programme, Molo Mhlaba, was founded and is led by local, award-winning activists with a six-year track record of well-established social and educational projects. Astro Molo Mhlaba’s programmes were therefore specifically designed based on a first-hand understanding of the complex obstacles barring these girls from entering careers in astronomy

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