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ISSUE 27 - March 2020

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Dark Sky Sim: An Open-Design Dark Sky Simulator (page 24)
Papalambrou, A.; Bali, N.


This article describes the key steps on how to construct the Dark Sky Simulator, the outcome of the Dark Sky Sim project. The Dark Sky Simulator is a “physical simulator” to demonstrate the effects of light pollution on the starry sky and the concept of proper lighting. The simulator consists of an LED sky model simulating the starry sky and LED model streetlighting. The simulator creates for users a first-hand experience of light pollution caused by various light fixtures. The simulator was successfully completed, and information on how to construct a simulator with simple tools and inexpensive components are made available online for free. Building the simulator is a very exciting STEM project involving hands-on construction and programming skills in addition to learning astronomy concepts, making it a useful resource for both educational and outreach communities. The project was funded by the International Astronomical Union Office of Astronomy for Development (IAU OAD).

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