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ISSUE 17 - June 2015

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A Global Audience for New Race to the Moon: Outreach for the Google Lunar XPRIZE (page 11)
Anita Heward, Chanda Gonzales, Cynthia Ashley, Pearl Hwang, Steven Canvin

Key Words
Moon, robotics, competitions, planetarium show, education kits, outreach, informal learning


The Google Lunar XPRIZE aims to open up a new era of space exploration and entrepreneurship through a competition to land a commercially funded robot on the Moon. To raise awareness of the competition, and to help inspire a new generation of scientists and engineers, XPRIZE has developed a suite of public engagement and informal learning activities. These include the MoonBots Challenge robotics competition, the digital planetarium show, Back To The Moon For Good, and the MoonBots-in-a-Box interactive kit for science centres. This article presents a review and preliminary evaluation of the Google Lunar XPRIZE’s outreach activities to date.

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