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ISSUE 17 - June 2015

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Editorial (page 03)
Georgia Bladon

Our first issue of CAPjournal for 2015 arrives with you a little late in the year, but we hope that you will find it worth the wait.

Astronomy communication comes in many forms, and with many names. We communicate, we engage, we co-create and we reach out. Sometimes we want to spread a message to millions, sometimes we aim to inspire just a few and at other times our aim is to learn what the public have to offer us, our mission or our project. We communicate through words, images and videos onscreen or in print, through exhibitions and hands-on activities in situ and by bringing astronomy directly into communities with events, competitions and star parties — to name just a few.

CAPjournal acts as a platform for papers and articles that share best practice and discuss and debate challenges across the whole palette of astronomy communication methods

I consider this issue a particular success in this regard as it covers a huge range of approaches.

The issue presents best practice in communication methods, to audiences of any size, from reaching a vast audience through TV broadcasts, to the high-impact engagement of smaller groups through citizen astronomy campaigns. It shares projects that range from the large-scale outreach programmes that surround campaigns such as the Google Lunar XPRIZE, to the focused projects that build highly specific resources, like the tactile planetarium for the visually impaired. There are papers here that recount individual journeys in surveying the landscape of science centres, employing the arts in astronomy communication, and creating gargantuan astronomical images to inspire and attract the public.

As always, our papers have come from across the world and represent a global industry of bringing astronomy to everyone.

If you have any comments, feedback, or wish to send a submission or proposal of your own for our upcoming issues, do not hesitate to get in touch:

Many thanks once again for your interest in CAPjournal, and happy reading,

Georgia Bladon

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