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ISSUE 16 - December 2014

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When Astronomy Gets Closer to Home: Why space weather outreach is important and how to give it impact (page 15)
Bárbara Ferreira

Key Words
Space sciences, space weather, outreach, education, communication, public engagement


When the public think about natural hazards, space weather is not the first thing to come to mind. Yet, though uncommon, extreme space weather events can have an economic impact similar to that of large floods or earthquakes. Although there have been efforts across various sectors of society to communicate this topic, many people are still quite confused about it, having only a limited understanding of the relevance of space weather in their daily lives. As such, it is crucial to properly communicate this topic to a variety of audiences. This article explores why we should communicate space weather research, how it can be framed for different audiences and how researchers, science communicators, policy makers and the public can raise awareness of the topic.

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