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ISSUE 12 - May 2012

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Astronomy Outreach in the Remote Mid West Region of Western Australia (pages 16-17)
Megan Argo, Robert Hollow

Key Words
Radio Astronomy, Square Kilometre Array, Outreach

The Square Kilometre Array is a global mega-science project to build the world’s largest radio telescope. One of two short-listed locations for the telescope is Western Australia’s Mid West region, a geologically stable area with a very low population density making it an ideal location for sensitive radio telescopes. It is vital that the local population, although small, is aware of the project and the impact it will have on the region, so outreach in the local communities is imperative. Over the last few years, many trips have been made to the Mid West with the aim of bringing astronomy to the local population. While outreach in such remote areas brings its own unique challenges, it is every bit as worthwhile as in more traditional locations.

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