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ISSUE 11 - July 2011

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Communicating Astronomy to Special Needs Audiences (pages 12 - 15)
Amelia Ortiz-Gil, Miquel Gomez Collado, Silvia Martinez Nuñez, Pere Blay, Jose Carlos Guirado, A.Teresa Gallego Calvente, Mariana Lanzara

Key Words
Astronomy Outreach, Public with Special Needs, Disabilities, International Year of Astronomy 2009


Our team has developed a variety of astronomical activities specifically intended for people with special needs. In particular, we have created a series of interactive talks, software with astronomical content, hands-on activities, and a planetarium show, among others, to communicate astronomy to people with different kinds of physical and cognitive disabilities. The main goal of this work is to stress the fact that working with this kind of audience is not as difficult as it might seem a priori. Moreover, the experience is formative and very rewarding for everyone involved.

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