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ISSUE 9 - October 2010

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The Universe in Your City – Nineteen Capitals (pages 27-29)
Daniel Scarpa & Antonio Más


The programme, The Universe in Your City — Nineteen Capitals, took us to each of Uruguay´s nineteen provincial capitals. In each capital we erected our Kappa Crucis Digital Mobile Planetarium and were able to reach a wide range of children of school age, and especially children in “critical contexts” (i.e. socially and economically deprived children). We transported our equipment, together with the exhibition materials for the IYA2009 Cornerstone project, From Earth To The Universe — and set it up in open public spaces, staying in each location for one week and offering an average of nine daily 40-minute presentations. Each session featured information on Galileo Galilei´s discoveries, the Uruguayan night sky and the cultural heritage provided by the sky.

A record number of 46 428 people participated in the 884 sessions held between April and September; while many more simply visited the exhibition. This reflects the remarkable success of the project.

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