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ISSUE 7 - November 2009

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Tafelmusik’s The Galileo Project: An Out-of-this-World IYA2009 Arts Experience (pages 24-25)
John R. Percy


When the IYA2009 Canada Committee1, chaired by Jim Hesser, first came together, it established a vision: “to offer an engaging astronomy experience to every person in Canada, and to cultivate partnerships that sustain public interest in astronomy”. We called the engaging astronomy experience a “Galileo Moment”. We knew that a Galileo Moment could be a first look through a telescope at the Moon, Jupiter or Saturn. But we especially wanted to connect with new audiences, not just the same people who always came to astronomy events. So we knew that a Galileo Moment could equally well be the intellectual or emotional effect of an astronomy-inspired piece of art or music. So far in 2009, over 10 000 Canadians have experienced a Galileo Moment of the latter kind, thanks to the Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra’s The Galileo Project.

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