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ISSUE 7 - November 2009

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On the Journey From Earth to the Universe (pages 10-13)
Kimberly Kowal Arcand & Megan Watzke


The From Earth to the Universe (FETTU) project is a worldwide effort to bring the striking beauty and intriguing science of astronomy to the public. By showcasing some of the best images from the fleet of space-based observatories and wide array of telescopes (and astrophotographers) on the ground, FETTU strives to engage as many people as possible in the wonders of the Universe. As one of the 12 global Cornerstone projects being supported by International Year of Astronomy 2009, FETTU is, in fact, reaching its goals halfway through IYA2009. Over 60 countries in more than 250 separate exhibitions are participating in FETTU. From tiny villages to the largest cities – with budgets large and small – FETTU has been featured on every continent except Antarctica.

Since we have framed this project – largely by way of the title – as a journey, we decided to take a tour of the destinations that we have already visited, take stock of our experiences and look at where FETTU might go in the future.

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