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Issue 28 - November 2020

Above: The front cover of the November 2020 CAPjournal.

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(The IAU100 Secretariat)
  page 03
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Lessons Learnt and Challenges of Planning and Coordinating the IAU 100th Anniversary Celebrations
(Rivero González, J.; Russo, P.; Downer, B.; van Dishoeck, E.; Canas, L.)
  page 14
Public Naming of Exoplanets and Their Stars: Implementation and Outcomes of the IAU100 NameExoWorlds Global Project
(Mamajek, E.; Meloy Elmegreen, D.; Lecavelier des Etangs, A.; Lindberg Christensen, L.; Monfardini Penteado, E.; Yamaoka, H.; Williams, G.; Anglada-Escudé, G.)
  page 22
Eddington at Sundy: From History to Legacy
(Latas, J.; Doran, R.; dos Prazeres, M. J.; Fernandes, J.)
  page 29
A Refuge in the Stars: Outcomes from the Amanar Project
(Benítez Herrera, S.; Rodríguez-Antón, A.; Carrelli, F. J.; Rodríguez Eugenio, N.; Monfardini Penteado, E.)
  page 33
LightSound: The Sound of An Eclipse
(Bieryla, A.; Diaz-Merced, W.; Davis, D.; Hyman, S.; Troncoso Iribarren, P.; García, B.; Labbe, E.)
  page 38
  page 43
Communicating Dark Sky in Iran: Heritage of the Sky Project Achievements and Challenges
(Jafari, S.; Akson, A.; Hossein Khalili, S. M.; Kamkar, A., Abdollahi, M.; Latani, M.; Parsaeyan, H.)
  page 47
Dark Skies For All Project in Ireland
(O’ Sullivan, R.; Smith, N.; McSweeney, C.)
  page 51

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