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Issue 16 - December 2014

Above: The front cover of the December 2014 CAPjournal.

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(Georgia Bladon)
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The Space Public Outreach Team (SPOT): Adapting a successful outreach programme to a new region
(Kathryn Williamson, Angela Des Jardins, Irene Grimberg, Shane L. Larson, Joey Key, Michelle B. Larson, Sue Ann Heatherly, David McKenzie, Tyson B. Littenberg)
  page 08
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The Planeterrella: A planetary auroral simulator
(Jean Lilensten, Laurent Lamy, Carine Briand, Mathieu Barthélémy, Baptiste Cecconi)
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ESO Ultra HD Expedition: New clarity for astronomy outreach
(Ryan J. M. Laird, Lars Lindberg Christensen)
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