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Issue 12 - May 2012

Above: The front cover of the May 2012 CAPjournal.

Download the entire eleventh issue as a .pdf:
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(Pedro Russo)
page 03
page 04
Multiverso: Rock’n’Astronomy
(José Antonio Caballero)
page 06-08
How Do We Know What Works?
(Oli Usher, Oana Sandu, Lars Lindberg Christensen)
  page 09-12
Santa and the Moon
(Peter Barthel)
page 13-15
  page 16-18
Medieval Stars in Melk Abbey
(Paul G. Beck, Georg Zotti)
  page 19-23
Astronomy Week in Madeira, Portugal
(P. Augusto, J. L. Sobrinho)
  page 24-27
Cerberus: The Mars Crowdsourcing Experiment
(J. S. S. van ‘t Woud, J. A. C. Sandberg, B. J. Wielinga)
  page 28-33
  page 34-36
  page 37-38

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