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Jobs in Astronomy Communication  

Here we will list job openings related with astronomy outreach, education and communication. If you want to advertise here, please send an email to with the subject "Job for CAPJ".

  • Two Education and Outreach Officer positions at QEERI (Qatar). A new public engagement programme "Fascination Astronomy" will form a cornerstone for developing astronomy in Qatar and the wider region. Two education and outreach officers will be based in Doha, Qatar, and be part of the emerging astronomy group at the Qatar Environment & Energy Research Institute (QEERI), member of the Qatar Foundation. They will be responsible for the implementation of the various activities, building local contacts, while working with an international team of researchers around the globe and in the region. Specific tasks include the delivery of student workshops and teacher training, the management of the training programme of the Qatar Astronomy Olympiad team, and the organisation and management of the Qatar Astronomy Festival.

    For job particulars and how to apply: Team of two education and outreach officers : Doha, Qatar : Naturejobs

  • A 6 month internship to work with Cork's Space for Science (Ireland). CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory is a non-profit visitor centre that is home to a working research observatory, space science exhibit and workshop programme. The facility also operates a dynamic outreach agenda. We are looking for someone with a passion for science and astronomy to work with us on maintaining and increasing our online presence. You will have responsibility for the general running of the social media platforms from creating and uploading content on a regular basis to developing and managing digital and social media campaigns.

    More information at: Internship: Online Marketing

  • European Space Agency/Hubble Space Telescope Science Journalism Intern

  • European Space Agency/Hubble Space Telescope Graphics Design Intern

  • European Southern Observatory Science Journalism Intern

  • European Southern Observatory Graphics Design Intern

  • More Jobs at the career site of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO):